Complex Climbing & Aerial Rescue

Climbing kit

The Complex Climbing course builds on the skills and knowledge covered in the Standard Climbing course. Candidates are taken through tree pruning and tree removal in complex situations, including branches prone to failure, trees affected by decay/disease, embedded objects, proximity of power lines, excessive height, and many other complex situations.


ArbTrack Pre-Requisites: Climbers: Climbing accreditation AHCARB204A or equivalent.
Chainsaw Operators: AHCMOM213 or equivalent.
Unit/s of Competency: AHCARB306 Undertake aerial rescue
AHCARB307 Use advanced climbing techniques
Duration: 6 days, depending on experience and competence.
ArbTrack Entry Requirements: Learners must be able bodied and must have full use of all limbs. Learners must have good hearing, or wear a hearing aid device to allow them to easily communicate with other personnel. Learners must have good vision, and if corrected vision then they must wear their prescription glasses/contact lenses to the course, including using prescription safety glasses for works operation. Learners must be in a fit state for work. Learners must understand and speak the English language fluently.
Ratio: 6 students to 1 trainer/assessor.
Cost: $1400.00 per person (GST does not apply).
Assessment: Written, practical demonstration and verbal assessments.
What to Bring: PPE: Hard hat,
protective toe work boots,
cut resistant pants,
long sleeved cotton clothing,
hearing protection.
Climbing Kit: Climbing harness, accessories, life line.
Notebook and pen/s.
Your own lunch.
Arbtrack RTO Code: 41047

Note: Arbtrack delivers complex climbing and aerial rescue together in order to provide a holistic, well rounded program. Should you require the units to be separated please contact the office.

ArbTrack is responsible for the compliance of training and assessment.