Standard Felling

The Standard Felling course takes candidates through the planning and implementation of felling of relatively low-hazard trees. The course covers prepare and maintain equipment; determine the tree felling requirements; direction of fall; safe fall zone; escape routes; felling techniques and tree removal techniques.

NB: Standard Felling and Advanced Felling are normally delivered together; however candidates who only need Standard Felling are able to do so.

ArbTrack Pre-Requisites: Chainsaw accreditation (AHCMOM213 or equivalent)
Unit/s of Competency: AHCARB202A Fell Small Trees
Duration: 2-10 days, depending on experience and competence.
ArbTrack Entry Requirements: Learners must be able bodied and must have full use of all limbs. Learners must have good hearing, or wear a hearing aid device to allow them to easily communicate with other personnel. Learners must have good vision, and if corrected vision then they must wear their prescription glasses/contact lenses to the course, including using prescription safety glasses for works operation. Learners must be in a fit state for work. Learners must understand and speak the English language fluently. Learners must be aged 18 years or older. Some pre-existing medical conditions such as epilepsy or heart condition or any other significant medical condition will require a medical clearance from your doctor before attempting the course.
Ratio: 8 students to 1 trainer/assessor
Assessment: Written, practical demonstration and verbal assessments.
What to Bring: PPE: Hard hat, protective toe work boots, cut resistant pants, long sleeved cotton clothing, hearing protection.
Notebook and pen/s.
Your own lunch.
Arbtrack RTO Code: 41047

ArbTrack is responsible for the compliance of training and assessment.