Safe Approach Distances


This comprehensive two-day course covers the legislative and industry requirements for working safely near power lines. Candidates will learn the current safe approach distances for their exact work role; how to work safely near power lines; what to do in an emergency and all about Access Permits.

TGA Pre-Requisites: There are no pre-requisites.
Unit/s of Competency: UETTDREL14A Working Safely Near Live Electrical Apparatus as a non-Electrical Worker
UETTDRRF01B Apply ESI Safety Rules, Codes of Practice and Procedures for Work
Duration: 2 days, depending on experience and competence.
ArbTrack Entry Requirements Learners must be able bodied and must have full use of all limbs. Learners must have good hearing, or wear a hearing aid device to allow them to easily communicate with other personnel. Learners must have good vision, and if corrected vision then they must wear their prescription glasses/contact lenses to the course, including using prescription safety glasses for works operation. Learners must be in a fit state for work. Learners must understand and speak the English language fluently.
Ratio: 12 students to 1 trainer/assessor.
Cost: $400.00 per person (GST does not apply).
Assessment: Written, practical demonstration and verbal assessments.
What to Bring: Comfortable footwear for walking.
Notebook and pen/s.
Your own lunch.
Arbtrack RTO Code: 41047

NB: Refresher training is $200.00 (inc GST) per person for 1 day.

Note: While ArbTrack Australia can provide training and assessment in accordance with these units, ArbTrack cannot authorise. Trained persons deemed competed in these units must apply to their State/Territory power companies or local government bodies to gain authorisation to work near power lines.

ArbTrack is responsible for the compliance of training and assessment.